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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our quotes are free of charge, one of our managers will assess the job and send you a written estimation within 3 working days of having viewed the site.

We will be able to provide you with an estimate based on photos and measurements you provide us. Please note that any prices that are received will be estimates and will be subject to a site visit in order to obtain a full quote.

We cover Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Solihull, Powys, The Cotswolds & all surrounding areas

For an initial quote we advise customers call the office to speak to one of our members of staff who will be happy to arrange an appointment for us to visit you between 9am and 4pm Mon- Thurs. Alternatively, please fill out our contact form on the website or email us on with your contact details.

Once we receive confirmation from the customer, we will ask for a deposit. We can then discuss your preferred timescales and work with you to find the best date to start work.

This is dependent on the type of paint used as the new render system will be relying on its bond to the substrate. In some circumstances External Wall Insulation can be a more cost-effective option than extensive preparation of previously rendered/painted substrates as there is currently no VAT. This can make it more economical than taking off existing paint and adding on 20% VAT.

WP rendering only render over paint as a last resort even though we would use all measures to make sure it works. Customers should always check with the render manufacturer they will see that all manufacturers do not like to apply render directly onto painted surfaces. It’s always a last resort and usually there are always better solutions to overcome this.

Yes, we ask for a small deposit to secure your booking and hold your slot.

WP will never expose the customer to any financial deficit. The small deposit is just to hold the slot, and a 30% invoice will be raised when all materials and scaffolding are in place and not before.

Fixtures and fittings will need to be removed and plumbing pipes and electrical cables extended if necessary to accommodate the new render/external wall insulation. We can carry out this work should you wish and will be added to your quote.

We can also provide scaffolding, welfare for our workers and protection for your property. This will be discussed with you at our initial visit and outlined in your quote.

Although speedy and a very visually rewarding home improvement, rendering is a messy process so protection is applied to the ground, window and door frames and adjacent wall finishes.

We will carry out a daily clean up to limit the impact on your daily life during the works. Following the completion of rendering works, our team will carry out a comprehensive removal of protection and final clear-up.

We offer an array of colours to chose from. We have a colour chart in which you can select a few colours and we will arrange samples of these colours to be delivered to you from the supplier to ensure you are happy with your choice. The finish will depend on the product chosen and will be discussed with you when you receive the quote

Since we only use breathable renders that are flexible and crack resistant, there is no issue dealing with a timber frame structure.

K- Render is often misused by companies with little or no experience in rendering or by companies looking to offer a cheap ’solution’. For example, properties built pre-1920 are often built using lime mortar instead of the modern cement we use today and K-Render should never be used in this situation. If K-Render is used here it can crack and cause damp issues on the inside of the house as it prevents the house from breathing. Using K-render over painted surfaces is also not a suitable solution as it is too heavy, thus causing the paint below, and subsequently the K-Render, to fail.

K-Render and Monocouche are designed for use on new build 7 Newton blocks. They are both average in performance in these situations and are usually lower in price.

Our recommendation would be to upgrade your render to a silicon based product as this much more flexible and therefore 99.9% crack free and can be used on a wide range of properties. This is because the base coats come with fibres within them, and in conjunction with an embedded nylon mesh and a silicone resin, pre coloured, top coat it allows more movement. We can also tailor the system to be fully breathable should the building require this.

WP will only use the correct materials for the correct application and we can back this up with the manufacturers technical data, which we will be happy to share with you.

We issue comprehensive warranty’s up to 25 years covering the workmanship and the materials. We guarantee the new rendering will not peel, crack or come away from the underlying wall. We are Trustmark approved and we can access an insurance backed warranty from Qualitymark which will cover work, even if anything happens to WP Rendering.

Yes, we are part of Trustmark which is the only government endorsed body for work carried out around the home. To be part of this, we have to follow strict rules and prove regularly that we are following the correct procedures and are competent at the work we carry out. We are also part of the federation of master builders and have our own city and guilds qualified staff carrying out work.

Currently, the government have abolished VAT on insulated wall render so it’s a great time to take advantage of this saving. Other types of render will incur VAT at the prevailing rate.

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