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Top Tips For Securing A Decent Tradesperson

Lesson Learnt: Take your time when choosing a Tradesperson.

It is important you do not rush, do not be pressured into making a decision that you may regret and finally use our tips in this blog to help you along the way…..

Here are our top tips to help you along the way 😊

  1. Use someone where possible that has been recommended to you, especially if you can see the work completed. A verbal recommendation should be backed up by evidence.
  2. NEVER hire a tradesperson that Cold Calls. Ask yourself the question, why are they cold calling in the first place? Why are they not working?
  3. Always get 3 quotes. This enables you to check whether you are being given a fair price. Make sure however, that the quotes include the same materials and job requirements. It is easy for things to be missed out and then added on at a later stage!
  4. Follow up of references. Any tradesperson can give you a name and number of a review, but go and check out their previous jobs, talk to more than one reference and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  5. Do your online research, check out their reviews on social media and other sources such as, it is important that you look at a range to get a better picture of them and a variety of sources is likely to give you a much clearer picture of what un-bias customers think of them.
  6. Don’t always go with the cheapest quote, cheap doesn’t mean best but neither does the most expensive. Look at what each quote includes, make sure there is nothing missed that could be added on at a later stage.
  7. Be careful if a tradesperson is available immediately. Question why they are available so quickly, why do they not have work? Most decent trades-people will require you to wait a few months at least, especially for the bigger jobs.
  8. Gut instinct.

When you meet a Tradesperson you need to have confidence that you are trust them, do they listen to you? Do they pressurise you? Do not rush into a decision, if they are decent they will not push you for the work.

Finally, always be exact with your requirements. When you have decided on who you want quotes from, make sure the quote has the level of detail required for the job, you do not want any hidden surprises which cause costs to escalate. A decent Tradesperson will be transparent and ensure you are fully informed.