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External Wall Insulation, Yes or No?

External Wall Insulation, Yes or No?

External wall insulation is when you add an insulating layer to the external fabric of the building. We then finished this with either a coat of render or something more bespoke such as brick slips or timber cladding. These finishes are all available in a huge range of colours and appearances to allow for you to get a final look for your property that you’re happy with.

Why choose External Wall Insulation?

The Pros

External wall insulation can have a host of benefits, these include:
Keeping your home warmer and a constant temperature throughout. This has many health benefits and saves on cost over time.

Improving the exterior appearance of your property and giving it a new look.

Greatly improving the energy efficiency of your property and increasing your EPC rating. A must in the current climate and it will benefit you in the long term.

Reducing your carbon footprint and lowering the overall emissions from your property.

Lower heating bills for your property and therefore giving you more disposable income.

The Cons

Price – This is probably the only real item here that is a con or closer to a negative point that there’s little way to get around. Due to external wall insulation being a large amount of work carried out by a team using specialist products (and often requiring scaffold) the cost involved is always considerably higher than other home improvements such as loft insulation.

Timescale – For a standard property, external wall insulation can take about two weeks from start to finish. This can take slightly longer if there is a lot of wall area to insulate or if the weather conditions are poor to allow the top coatings to set properly but any decent installer should always be able to give you advice on this to help you plan accordingly.

Increasing the house footprint – Another important thing that you may have considered is that you are adding insulation boarding to the outside of the property, this naturally increases the overall footprint depending on the finish you choose.

Making sure the work is done correctly – With any major work to your property it’s always important to make sure that everything is done correctly and goes smoothly without leaving you the nightmare situation of problems, delays or things going wrong due to poor workmanship.

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